Best of Wachau Goldclub

With a booking of at least three overnight stays with a Best of Wachau host, you belong to the select Goldclub circle and benefit from three included bonus services. As a member of the Best of Wachau Goldclub, the Goldclub experience programme is awaiting you, free of charge but all the more valuable: Your Wachau host will take time for you during the week and give you a private, personal glimpse of their own Wachau.

  • Accompany the winegrowers on a ramble through the Wachau vineyards.
  • Learn interesting facts about how the world-renowned Wachau wines are produced.
  • Sample lovingly hand-made Wachau specialities directly from the producer.
  • Dip into the stories and history of the region and its personalities.

Your long sleeper bonus

True to the motto: "The longer you stay, the more you benefit", your Goldclub host offers you the exclusive long sleeper bonus if you book directly. This is a select courtesy which is only available to you as a Goldclub member. You can find out exactly which bonus applies by contacting your Best of Wachau host directly.