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Our cuisine

Regional & Seasonal

The most popular dishes among our guests are the classics of traditional Austrian cuisine including both beef tenderloin and fried trout. The best ingredients and exceptional cooking skills guarantee the finest culinary enjoyment.   

Fried trout

In a streamlet bright...

there shot by in a joyful rush - the moody trout - like an arrow...

Who doesn't know the lines from Franz Schubert's song about the trout! In the end, however, the trout was caught...

The trout for our restaurant are caught at the Teichwirtschaft Haberzeth. All our chef has to do is refine the fresh fish and turn it into a poem of a dish!

Forellen aus der Traismauer Fischzucht

The fresh flavour of our Müllerin style trout is a true poem for all the senses. Fried in fine butter and refined with a hint of lemon, it just melts on the palate.

A poem of a fish dish! 

Köstlich zubereitete Forellen im Restaurant

Traditional Backhendl

Since the 18th century, fried chicken has been a speciality of Viennese cuisine, one of the dishes with history and has always been prepared in our restaurant.

Once, in the Biedermeier period, eating a fried chicken was considered a symbol of prosperity for the aristocracy. And who knows: the English King Richard the Lionheart may well have enjoyed it during his imprisonment in Dürnstein. Although the English translation "fried chicken" doesn't sound quite as good as fried chicken. The word lacks the breading, the exquisiteness and the good flavour. Today, fried chicken has long since become a timeless classic and our restaurant would be unthinkable without it.

Enjoying a fried chicken that is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside always makes us feel like kings and queens.

Delicious fried chicken

Cakes & pies

For all those with a sweet tooth, our kitchen team prepares delicacies of Austrian pastry cuisine such as apple strudel, apricot cake and Malakofftorte according to traditional recipes. As a special treat, even the little cookies that you get with your coffee are homemade!

Köstliche Desserts im Restaurant

Guest Reviews

"My husband and I enjoyed a most delicious and elegant dinner at Restaurant Lowenherz. The wine, the food, the view over the Danube, and the service were simply superb. Peppe, the matre'd, was so welcoming and helpful. It made for a very special evening in the very special town of Duerstein."

sharonmanalapan_NJ • Tripadvisor

Schmackhaftes Rindfleisch im Richard Löwenherz