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Wachau Goldclub

Time is gold

For guests who book their room with us for a stay of at least 3 nights, there is a unique program of events and numerous included bonuses.

But we offer you much more: Get the "Wachau Goldclub" and your direct booking advantages! Book your holiday in the Wachau directly with us! As a thank you, we welcome you with a Piccolo of our Löwenherz sparkling wine!

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Your "Best of Wachau" hosts at
Hotel Richard Löwenherz

Exclusive program highlights

Monday: into the heavinly vineyards and back

3:30 p.m. Uhr | approx. 1.5 hours

Josi Rosenberger takes you on a tour of the vineyards in the most beautiful spots of Weißenkirchen and introduces you to this unique river and cultural landscape in an entertaining way. Finish off by enjoying a glass of wine right in the hotel´s very own vineyard.

Wednesday: Maria Taferl: a feast for your eyes & palate

11 a.m. | approx. 1.5 hours

A full program awaits you: an exclusive guided tour to the stunning panorama at Nibelungengau, beer aperitif at the Freys, a journey through history, a deep breath in the church square, a view of the basilica, a Maria Taferl liqueur digestif in the Genusswerkstatt tasting shop, and a light snack at the Schachners.

Thursday: Barge ride in Dürnstein

6 p.m. | approx. 20 minutes

Admire the breathtaking backdrop of the Wachau directly from the Danube. You will also be amazed by the unique view of the picturesque little town of Dürnstein sitting in a traditional "zille" - the historical flat-bottomed wooden boat.

Friday: Wonderful wine hike

4 p.m. | approx. 1.5 hours

As soon as the lady of the house greets you, you will feel the warmth of this family. Enjoy the wonderful view of the vineyards from the terrace. Walking with Mr. Leopold, the wine grower, you will learn all you need to know about working in the vineyards and apricot gardens in harmony with nature and the seasons.