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Hiking in the Wachau

Wachau World Heritage Trail

Look forward to an active holiday in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wachau! Here you can expect adventurous hiking tours to old castles and ruins, gourmet trails to the vineyards, and fine rest stops in beautiful nature between the Dunkelsteinerwald and the picturesque banks of the Danube!

Feel freedom, discover the Wachau

A river valley right out of a storybook, vines that sway in the wind, the magic of the blossoming apricot trees, romantic forests, and ancient treasures that make the history of the Wachau come alive. All these facets create a hiking paradise that offers the perfect hiking route for every age and to suit every taste. 

Welterbesteig Wachau - © Donau Niederösterreich / Steve Haider

Almost endless possibilities

Hotel Richard Löwenherz is located in the middle of a UNESCO world heritage site and offers ideal access to the large network of hiking trails in the Wachau. Would you like to head out towards the towns of Melk or Krems? No problem: boat and train transportation are wonderfully connected so that you can easily reach many sites and attractions and the start of your hiking trail!

Hiking map

Wandern bei Höflein - © Donau Niederösterreich / Steve Haider

Wachau World Heritage Trail

On the trail of history
Hiking in the Wachau: experience the Wachau World Heritage Trail with a length of 180 km and hike past 14 stations on the trail of the rich history and exciting present of the Wachau. On the most beautiful hiking trails and historic paths, the long-distance trail connects the 13 communities of the UNESCO world heritage site of the Wachau.  The high-altitude trail leads to unforgettable viewing points and will take you to 20 fortresses, ruins, and castles, the Wachau wine region with its stone terraces and spectacular vineyards and the Kremstal, 3 monasteries, as well as the Jauerling (a nature park with the highest mountain on the Danube  – 960 m).

The long-distance trail is divided into 14 stages and can be hiked in both directions. The Jauerling Loop with 3 ferry connections lends itself to variation and can be tailored to individual tastes for a special hiking experience. A Wachau hiking map is available at the reception desk.

Wachau World Heritage Trail

Viewing points in the Wachau

Excursion destinations in the Wachau with a panoramic view: enjoy breathtaking views of the Danube Valley and far-reaching views of the region! The numerous observation towers on hills in the Wachau and hiking paths in the surroundings are the perfect opportunity to discover the landscape during your holiday in the Wachau. 

We would especially like to point out the following viewing points:

Viewing points in the Wachau

Pärchen wandert rund um Burgruine Aggstein - © Donau Niederösterreich / Steve Haider

Tour tips

Vogelberg-Trail (approx. 2,5 hours)
The Vogelberg-Trail is one of the most beautiful uphill trails in the Wachau and offers amazing views over Dürnstein and the Danube. It leads through the Talgraben valley and passes by the mountain hut "Fesslhütte" and the ruins of the castle before taking you back to Dürnstein.

Panorama-Trail Achleiten (approx. 3 hours)
The Panorama-Trail will take you from Weißenkirchen through the well-known marshland of Achleiten-Klaus, the hamlet of Schildhütten, and back to Weißenkirchen. Winegrowers’ huts and the typically Austrian religious niches called ‘Marterl’ are representatives of local folklore. The Panorama Trail offers an impressive view of the Danube valley.

Seekopf-Hirschwand (approx. 4 hours)
This path starts out in St. Lorenz and leads uphill unto the ‘Hirschwand’ in several winding loops. Walking on, you will reach the ‘Seekopf’, which offers a breathtaking view over the entire region. Follow the path towards the Danube and you will return to St. Lorenz.

Panorama Trail Rossatz (ca. 3 hrs.)
This easy, leisurely hike begins in the parking area of the Rossatzbach landing stage on the B33. From here, it leads along the edge of the forest to Rührsdorf, where the Winzerstüberl invites you to enjoy refreshments. You can then follow the trail through Rührsdorf and the Danube wetlands back to the parking area. 

You can quickly find the most beautiful hikes with the tour app. Available for Android and iOS.

Wachau Nibelungengau-Kremstal

Public transportation

The Wachau region has a vast system of public buses.

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Welterbesteig Wachau bei Spitz - © Donau Niederösterreich / Steve Haider